Notes for blogging

Notes for blogging

Center text below single images

  • Edit styles.scss to include img + em
  • image caption on line directly below image

Display multiple images

  • Create a table
  • Currently only works for 1 x 2
  • Must include header in table

Include GitHub gist

  • Go to article on medium, right click on gist, select inspect frame
  • Copy and paste the script tags
Recursive Feature Elimination code.

Center text below code blocks

Centered Text

Code highlighting with rouge

  • Install rouge
    • gem install rouge
  • Generate a style sheet
    • rougify style “style” » sass/code-highlighting.scss”
  • Change styles.scss to include @import “code-highlighting”
  • View available rouge styles at
  • Approach taken from

Include live code from

  • Include repl link with ?lite=true at end of url
  • Place inside iframe inside div

Replacing Code Tags


Find: <pre(.*?)> Replace: ```\n


Find: </pre(.*?)> Replace: \n```